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                                Before A Session

On the day of, make sure you’re clean. I can’t believe I have to say this, but please arrive clean. Dominatrices will touch you and get all up in your personal space, so unless you want a session where you’re locked in a cage and ignored for hours, take a shower before the session. I expect My slaves/subs to be shaved, I do not enjoy hairy cock and balls or asses including your ass crack. Do not test Me, I will shave you. Nicks and Cuts may be the start of your punishment. Stinky slaves are not appealing. Clean yourself like you're going to the doctor and they're gonna be bending, spreading and examining every aspect of you! LOL

Make sure you eat a little bit before your session. You don’t need a full meal, but you do need to make sure your blood sugar levels are stable. Fainting in the middle of play is not fun, and especially if it is your first time, you probably will have no idea how your body will react to certain activities. It’s best to start the session in a stable sort of way, and nourishing your body is one of the best ways of doing that. If you haven’t had time to eat, consider bringing an energy bar or any kind of easy calories with you.


If you’re into anal play, I suggest learning how to do enemas if you do not already. There is a lot of trial and error in this, so don’t worry about getting it right the first time…but at least make the effort. If you make a mess you will be cleaning it. Depending on how bad it is may result in the end of the session.


If you’re into heavy bondage or pain play, I highly suggest stretching before the session.


Each session has its own nuances, and with time, you will learn what you need to personally do to prepare for the session. Your Mistress may give you instructions on this as well, and if She does, it’s best to follow them for your own good.


Oh also, don’t arrive drunk, wasted, or high until the point of sloppiness. While I know some subs that do this (and am not particularly pleased about it), I am personally of the belief that your first professional Domination experience should be done sober. For one, you’ll better understand your own limits and capabilities as a bottom/submissive/slave/fetishist/whatever. For another, sobriety creates a consistency in your actions that makes it easier for the Top to read you. Unless your interest is specifically forced intoxication, sobriety should be the standard within most BDSM interactions. A small drink or toke to quell your nerves is fine, but enough to the point of slurring and falling makes the whole interaction consensually dubious.

Arrive On Time:  but do not knock on the door until scheduled time or no more than 
3 minutes prior.


SSC & RACK, All My activities are based on SSC (Safe, Sane & Consensual) and RACK (Risk-Aware Consensual Kink) principles. It means I never do anything we did not negotiate before, I do everything in the safest way possible, and W/we both are aware of potential risks.

HygieneI follow strict hygienic procedures: all tools are cleaned and (if necessary) washed/sterilized after each session if being in use. I do not work with blood and other human fluids, and all materials contacting human body are properly cleaned.

Safe Words, At any moment of the session it can be slowed-down (Yellow) or completely stopped (Red) by a submissive.

Post Session, Aftercare will be provided through chatting/discussion of session. I will ask for feedback as well.

 Dungeon or Hotel, fees for rental are additional. I'm currently working towards saving for/acquiring and stocking a grand dungeon with various items and equipment. Tributes towards the expenses are appreciated or you may help by purchasing items off My Wishlist! Once it's ready sessions will be held there.