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I will leave My mark.


Hello sub, I am here to train you to be the perfect submissive for Me. With this monthly training, you will be given regular tasks to do and must provide proof to Me that you have completed said task. Tasks can range from wearing a chastity cage for a day, dress in feminine clothing and clean your house, wear feminine panties under your street clothes or work clothes while out in public or at work, do X number of push-ups or squats, wear a butt plug for determined amount of time, where a specific item when at home, watch or listen to sub hypnosis vids/audio for determined amount of time, send a pic to Me whenever I request, paint your nails, practice cock sucking with a dildo, written tasks/journaling or writing a story, sexual fantasy or poem, learning and practicing My sub positions, do a dance video etc. The possibilities are endless, but you get an idea!

This is an opportunity to serve Me through distance, giving U/us the opportunity to connect and remain in touch during your membership.

Recurring Monthly Subscription

One Month Training Only

Be sure your name, email and phone number are included as this will be O/our way to communicate or email admin@earncollar.com with receipt of payment.


Join Me on Chaster.app for a unique locked experience. Payments through Cash AppThrone, YouPay.Me or All My Links accepted.