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I travel often and tour often, serve Me in the following cities.

Vietnam  - 07/31/2024-10/29/2024

Thailand (Bangkok for 1 week then Pattaya for 3 weeks  - 07/02/2024-07/31/2024

Vietnam - 04/03/2024-07/02/2024

Bangkok Thailand - 03/27/2024-04/03/2024

I will be back in Thailand for awhile! Accepting Bookings now! 

Vietnam - 01/11/2024-03/27/2024

I will be back in Vietnam for awhile! 

Washington State (United States)  12/1/23- 1/10/24

I will be back in the States for limited time! BOOK NOW! Other states may apply and if it is worth My time I will travel elsewhere. 

Vietnam 8/2- 11/30/2023

I will be back in Vietnam for awhile! (will be returning to Vietnam after the New Year!)

Thailand 7/28- 8/02/2023

I will be back in Thailand for a few days!

Vietnam 7/1- 7/28/2023

I will be in Vietnam for awhile!

Thailand 5/4 - 7/1/2023

I will be in Thailand for awhile!

Brisbane Australia 2/6 - 5/3/2023

Aussies, apply now for consideration!

Kauai Hawaii 1/30=2/5/2023

Apply now for consideration!

Don't see your city?

you may submit a FMTY request for consideration or at the very minimum apply and prescreen to have a rare influence on My travel planning.

I've been traveling the world since last year, spending 2022 in the states traveling all over and since the beginning of 2023 started venturing out of the country to explore more!

you can contribute to My travels and help cover expenses in a meaningful and helpful way to bring more joy to My life!

Contribute to Support My World Travels HERE 🙂 Perhaps I'll be coming to your area next!